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Magnus Londen

Magnus is our chief creative officer and founder of both Come to Sweden and Come to Finland. But his previous life is still following him: he is also a journalist and a writer. He has written three travel books (Siberia, S:t Petersburg and Charter Trips) and since 2005 he hosts the talk show Eftersnack every Friday on Finnish Yle. He lives and works in Helsinki.

Favorite poster: Have a good time by Inga-Greta Solbreck-Möller
Favorite travel destination in Sweden: Abisko
Dream destination in the world in 2017: Libanon



Julius Uusikylä

Julius does graphic design at Come to Finland. He is a visual journalist and designer running his one-man company KRUT. His comfort zone and background is in magazine design and news journalism, his passion is infographic design and especially the kind of clever details that you find in successful poster art. He is a fan of simple design and old school typography. Constantly longing for a hike in the wilderness.

Favoritaffisch: SJ Midnight sun by Bengt Brattström
Drömresemål i Sverige: The High Coast of Sweden