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The poster hunter searches for gold in the archives

It all started when Finnish journalist and travel writer Magnus Londen passed by a secondhand bookstore in Helsinki and saw a magnificent travel poster by Jorma Suhonen in the window. After this awakening he started hunting down Finnish travel posters all over the world.

It all resulted in a coffee table book with over 200 Finnish travel posters. When Magnus started getting phone calls from people both near and far asking where they could buy one of these posters, a business idea was born.

The company Come to Finland Publishing became more and more known and after an exhibition in Stockholm Magnus and his associates decided to find out everything about Swedish travel posters.

Swedish poster hunting

The first question was of course: has Sweden had the same tradition as Finland when it comes to travel posters?

At first there was not much to go on, but as time went by more and more clues emerged. It was pure detective work.

We ended up finding incredible treasures both in Sweden and abroad, and after almost two years our coffee table book (published in Swedish) was born in 2015.

But this poster journey is far from over. On blurry pictures from the early 1900’s we have seen some remarkable posters that we really want to publish. The search has come a long way, but fortunately we will probably never reach the end of the journey!

Do you have a cool Swedish travel poster in your attic?